you think?

Sometimes Ephraim’s name is the elephant in the room. When we’re out and about people will inevitably ask what his name is and after I tell them there’s a typically a confused silence. And a look that says, “you named him WHAT?” Followed by a myriad of responses including:

Is that a family name? (the most common response)

Where’d you get that name?

Ephraim? Ooooh. How nice…what are you gonna call him? (a kind older lady at our church)

AFRAN?! With a name like that they gon’ think he’s black! (from a surprised black gentleman at the hair place)

But today at Home Depot I heard what could possibly be my favorite response so far:

Ohhhhh…Ephraim…he looks like an Ephraim.” =)

Love that. Apparently, my friends, this is what an Ephraim looks like.

We just pray he’ll grow into his name. And that he won’t hate us too badly if he doesn’t. =)

donyaSeptember 11, 2010 - 11:36 am

So, I’ve followed your photography blog for quite some time, but I never checked out your personal blog until just recently. And then I was looking at some of your older posts and realized your son’s name is Ephraim. This totally interested me since my 6 month old son is named Ephram (no i though)! Some of the great grandparents still think his name is Ephin, I swear. But we love it.
Love your writing and I will definitely be adding your personal blog to my Google Reader now 🙂

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