From the time we were knee high my sister has been an amazing artist. I would beg her to give me “drawing lessons” and she would occasionally oblige. They would inevitably end with me in tears over not being able to make things look as beautiful as she could. My people looked disproportioned and “drawn” while hers looked, well, real. She just has an eye and an art and I didn’t realize that it couldn’t be taught. I wanted an art, a talent, so badly and I struggled for years wondering what in the world made me special. What was my thing? We all get one, right? What was mine?

By the way, I could go on and on about all of the things I dramatically obsessed about as a child but I’ll spare you for now. My family is now doing a collective eye-roll, an emphatic nod, and a sigh of relief. =)

When the holidays rolled around I always wondered why Meghan didn’t just draw everyone something, stick it in a frame and call it a day. She could get off so easy! Sometimes she would do it but usually only if we specifically asked. One of my most prized possessions is a sketch of Sarah that she did for that Pi’bears first birthday. It’s her to a T. My sister is seriously gifted.

But yesterday I finally realized, so am I.

I think gifted has traditionally been understood as a talent given to you. But then yesterday I came to understand that true giftedness is a talent you give to others. To truly have a gift means you have a thing, your thing, to share.

And ladies and gentleman I’ve finally found my thing. Something to delight the people I love. Something I can share and spread and freely give. And for me it’s all captured in this…

A portrait of my Granny and her three children. My gift.

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