ten on tuesday: half and half edition

Half pictures-half random stuff. Here we go.

1. If you don’t already follow Life in Motion you should. She’s another fun, friendly, fabulous photographer mom with young’uns. And she likes to share. (and who doesn’t love a girl who likes to share?!) Just the other day she shared a neat action for creating rounded corners on your photos. Check it out here. Thanks Lyndsay!

2. ahhhh…my baby love…

3. A super-kind and concerned reader brought to my attention that Sarah’s bike helmet is improperly fitted in this post. I guess I knew it was a tad too big but didn’t realize just how badly it fit her. She linked me up with an awesome site that helps you determine how to properly fit your child’s (and your own) helmet. Check it out here. Thank you Sharon!

4. More of my sweet baby love…

5. While we’re on the subject of safety and such let’s hit another topic. Fire safety. Remember sweet Jeanelle who hosts the actions for us? Her home caught on fire several months ago. You can read about it here. Thankfully her daughter was not in the house but she and her husband were asleep when it happened. I promised here a while ago that I would post a reminder for all of you and it totally slipped my mind until just now. Check your house and make sure you have a smoke detector in every room. It’s not enough to have one in the hallway. EVERY.ROOM. As soon as I read her story we rushed out and purchased three new ones so that all of our rooms are now covered.

6. And here he is again…oh how I love that soft baby skin!

7. I want to paint my living room yellow. Reading this will be the first time Brent hears that idea. Hey babe, I want to paint the living room yellow. =) When you start communicating with your spouse via blog I think it may be time to revisit yesterday’s mama monday!

8. Oh my…the toes, the toes!

9. Sarah will be leaving on Saturday to spend an unprecedented FIVE NIGHTS away from home. I’m sort of freaking out. Okay, I’m majorly freaking out. She’s heading to her Nana and Grandaddy’s house and I know she’ll have a ball but, FIVE NIGHTS(?!), what was I thinking?

10. I couldn’t decide between b/w or color…so I guess this is technically 10 1/2 on Tuesday.

Have a great week friends!

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