one week later

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been trying all week to blog? I really, really have. I’ve even started posts here and there and it just never ends up happening. It’s been a busy business week (which is good) but it’s left me with little time for my own stuff (which is not good). I’m working on finding my happy medium. 🙂

Anyway, a few more from last Saturday morning when Sarah and I were traipsing around in the rain. These are super-quick edits so the colors are weird and lack consistency but oh well. I love this first one where she just looks so enthralled and determined as she trudges along in her big girl boots.

For the past several months she’s decided that making eye contact with my camera = fate worse than death. I try to trick her. She’s so over me. Every once in a while though she’ll give me the quickest glance and I get lucky.

Her favorite tree in our front yard…

There you have it. Rainy day photos, one week later.

Enjoy mama’s day tomorrow peeps! 🙂

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