confessions of a sometimes frazzled mama

I got the sweetest email this morning from a dear friend that really lifted my spirits. She said such kind things about me and my life and it just made my heart sing. It also reminded me of something I’ve said often to Brent; that I wake up many mornings hoping to be the mama/person/photographer that you guys think I am! Usually I fall short. Waaaaay short.

Case in point. On Sunday (three whole days ago…that’s how long it took me to decide if I should share this or not!) I made a serious mama error. We were trying to get the whole gang out the door for sunday school and since Brent and I were teaching we couldn’t be late. So after everybody was fed, cleaned, and clothed Brent started getting Ephraim strapped into his carseat while I checked on Sarah who was going potty. I hurried her along and we dashed to the car and arrived just in time.

A few hours later once we were back home Brent was lifting Sarah up into her booster seat when he made quite a discovery…a panty-less Pi’bears! My first thought was that she must have had an accident in the church nursery and they’d just taken her undies off since she was wearing a dress. And then I remembered our frazzled scene in the bathroom from earlier in the morning. When I went in to hurry her up she had said, “uh oh! My panties came off!” and I replied with, “I’ll put them back on in just second.” Oops. I forgot. The often-unanswered “in just a second” came back to haunt me. And so that is how it came to be that a panty-less Pi’bears in a beautiful spring dress showed up in the church nursery and played her heart out while occasionally flashing the world her bits! I was so moritified that I immediately had to call the girls in the nursery to babble on and on about what a dummy I am. (Megan can testify to that)

Anyway, the moral of this story is that I am not nearly as organized and pulled together as many of you might think that I am. I try to be, I swear I do. But I’m really just a big work in progress!

In light of that confession is anyone else willing to share? I’d love to hear your own “oops” moments. Or we can just leave it at that…with everyone basking in my dummyness. 🙂

Just one of the Pi’bears…fully clothed…

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