Three days late but who’s counting right? 🙂

Speaking of counting…check out these stats…

48 total gifts in these increments –
$5.00 (6)
$10.00 (14)
$15.00 (2)
$20.00 (14)
$25.00 (6)
$30.00 (3)
$35.00 (1)
$40.00 (1)
$50.00 (2)
$100.00 (2)
$250.00 (1)

and even these fun increments –
$14.00 (from the person who tried to squeeze the full $100 out of us! HA HA!)

All totaling $1342.39 (after paypal gets their cut). Which means that after Brent and I round to the nearest hundred the grand total for thepigbear’s big give is $1400.00!!!

That number astounds me. You guys are amazing. The power of a generous spirit should never be underestimated.

Here are some of my observations over the last two weeks that warm my heart:

1) These gifts were given without any detailed knowledge of this family’s situation or need.
2) From the smallest donations to the largest nearly everyone who gave made some kind of comment to the affect of “I wish this could be more”. These are becoming increasingly lean times for everyone and yet, you gave.
3) My sneaking suspicion is that many (if not the majority) of the givers have not downloaded my actions and wouldn’t know what to do with them if they did! 🙂
4) Quite a large handful of givers were names I didn’t recognize from this blog or anywhere else. Which spells l-u-r-k-e-r. The idea that someone would come out of the woodwork for the first time to give anonymously blows me away.

So. I’ll be bundling all of this goodness into a big fat check and sending it along next week. Back when I had high hopes of possibly gathering a hundred dollars (or maybe 2?!) I thought I could send an anonymous gift card or cashier’s check. I’m thinking that might be a little weird now though. 🙂 So I plan to send a brief synopsis of what you guys did and why. I’m not sure I can adequately put it into words but I’ll give it a try. And then I’ll get back to the business of being crazy camera-wielding mama to that Pi’bears and her Buddy-Ro.

But I’ll never, ever forget what you guys did and why you did it. One of the givers summed it up best in her short one-lined message…

because I am blessed…

(And to that I’ll add…)

to be a blessing.

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