Aunt Lu.

My Aunt Lori is one of my favorite people. Here are some of my fondest memories of her:

  • having my finger nails painted for the first time by her when she had kidnapped my sister and me from my mom for the day.
  • being SOOOO excited when her little green bug pulled into the driveway at my grandma’s house. She was way cool.
  • Getting a present from her on my 6th birthday with candy taped ALL over the package. This was a big deal. If you know my mom, you know why.
  • Being a flower girl in her wedding when I was 6 years old and thinking I was seriously hot stuff. I later wore the dress, complete with lace tights, to school on the day that the gym teacher decided to teach tumbling. Not a good decision. Especially since my mom always told me that if I wore tights, underwear was not a neccessity. Lace tights. Tumbling. It wasn’t pretty.

I’m so glad that Aunt Lori is now a part of Sarah’s life. She’s doing some major work towards favorite Aunt status although she’s got stiff competition from Aunt MayMay and Aunt Parmy. Yesterday she taught Sarah some new tricks (see below) including STANDING IN HER CRIB. Is this a good thing? She also seems to think it’s her job to ensure that Sarah has every toy from the Target baby section and mini-Aunt Lu outfits (think neon orange and white).

Gotta love her.

I do.

Oh yeah, and she also engineered this…

AnonymousMarch 30, 2006 - 10:51 am

Thanks Dede, but I have to say you and Meghan are soooo much fun to be around. The things that we did and the places that we went were just as much fun for me as they were for you. I look foward to the same fun with Sarah, Charlotte and all the ones that follow…..

J.J. KillinsMarch 30, 2006 - 9:29 pm

too funny!!!!

A.K.March 31, 2006 - 8:39 pm

That poor last picture of Pigbear- i think she lost the Princess title on that one!!! Let’s pray she never needs glasses! Just kidding- she’s still precious regardless! Hope you all are having fun!

Aunt May MayApril 1, 2006 - 3:13 pm

This shot of the Pigbear seems to bare a striking resemblance to her Papa Cobb! 🙂
Aunt May may

GramaApril 2, 2006 - 5:42 am

You failed to mention the memory of Aunt Lori also taking you shopping for your first bra! She’s one of my favorite people too! Love, Grama

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