lucky girl

How often does a baby girl get to have her great grandma on the floor, playing with her? Sarah’s middle name comes from my great grandma (Lorraine) whom I have fond memories of, but from the time I was a baby she was confined to a wheel chair. She entertained us to no end by letting us push her around in her chair or ride in her lap. But Sarah is even more fortunate…she had her great grandma belly-down on the floor, playing! I think this says a lot about how much Grandma Dixie loves Sarah, but also about how spry and youthful she is…

and let’s not forget her spry and youthful Great Grandpa too…

We also spent sometime together yesterday with my cousins – Sherri, Noah and Aaron. They LOVE the pigbear and were carrying her around yesterday discovering all sorts of things to make her smile and coo…

Sarah Cobb…you are one lucky girl.

AnonymousMarch 29, 2006 - 12:24 pm

Yes, Erin,
SO much love for such a very little girl! Sarah IS a very lucky girl…

Erin, you take the BEST photos and write so well! I think your blog is just the best out there (and it keeps getting better, if that’s possible). YOU are just TOO talented!


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