obnoxious emailer gives birth

Got this in my inbox from Samantha last week after she’s already sent me one big ol’ package containing a shoe, a grey card, a wipes container, and a blue fleece baby jacket:

“Hey, loser, I found your other shoe. I’m going to start charging you for shipping. I’ll try to get it to you soon . . . But I’m a little busy this weekend. :)”
I know you’re wondering what could be more important than mailing me my cute shoe.

Well…how bout this…

William Steven Clark
born at 11:44 pm
March 28, 2008
9 pounds, 1 ounce (at only 37 weeks!!!)

Man I love that littlest Clarkie already…even if he does stand between me and my cute slip-on, sporty, strappy shoe.

(if you don’t want to miss Disney, Day Three scroll down to last night’s post)

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