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Here we are in Cali! Sarah had a crazy day yesterday after getting up at 4:30 and taking about a zillion naps before we finally let her go to sleep last night. We flew into San Jose and Brent was so thrilled to drive through Gilroy and stop at the In-n-Out Burger. Definitely the highlight of his trip so far. Sarah, on the other hand, has had nonstop highlights since she got here. Since one of her new favorite things is drinking out of a cup, she was so excited when Daddy got water on the airplane. She was sitting in his lap and the cup could not travel to his lips without stopping at hers first! If he tried to sneak it past her, the whining began.

Upon arriving in Watsonville, Sarah was so excited to meet her great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends and see her Aunt MayMay and Uncle Dave again (and baby Charlotte!). It seemed every five minutes someone new would walk in and the scene would start all over again.

When Sarah finally laid down for a nap after our arrival we snuck off to Target with Aunt Lori on a mission to buy toys for Sarah (Aunt Lori’s mission not mine!). After walking up and down the aisles saying “she’s got that…she’s got that…she’s got that…” we found several toys that she didn’t have but needed (again, according to Aunt Lori). And Sarah was giddy about it when she woke up…

AnonymousMarch 26, 2006 - 8:57 am

I wish I was there! Have a great time in Cali, Sarah, and let everybody spoil you! Sounds like your Aunt Lu is well on the way to doing just that! I love seeing you sitting on my mom’s lap — remember the “grama story” I told you about in February — she is part of it! I love you! Grama

Joyce EnsleyApril 3, 2006 - 7:12 pm

Brent, Erin and Sarah,
It was so good to see you all while visiting here in California… even though it was a short visit for us, we were so glad you encluded us in the family events.
We love you all,
Joyce & Bill

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