ten on tuesday.

1. I ran my first 10k on Saturday morning as part of my half marathon training. A 10K is 6.2 miles and on race morning it was the farthest I’d ever run. Previously I’d only reached 5 in training. I was determined to run it in under an hour which made miles 4.5 through 6 rather, um, interesting. But  guess what…

I’m not Amy Shertzer, but I was happy.

2. One hour, two ice creams, and one piece of pie after my 10k race I geared up again for a 1 mile fun run with Sarah. Don’t be fooled by her solemn expression, she was just getting her game face on. This girl was serious. It took me a while to convince her that she probably wasn’t going to win the race (she had her heart set on a trophy). She and her cousin Lily donned matching running gear and trotted along at quite a respectable pace for 3 and 4 year olds. Sarah finished in 13 minues! I kept asking her if she wanted to take a walking break but she was having none of it.

 She’s no Hayden Shertzer, but she was happy.

3. I am really not a runner but I’m trying to employ “fake it ’til you make it” to my advantage. I was supposed to get a 4 mile run in yesterday evening but I also wanted to go watch Bachelor Pad (terrible!) with my girls. So I ran there. And it was fun! That was my first time to use running as an actual means of transportation, which was empowering. I did make one unfortunate sidewalk miscalculation which had me running down a busy thoroughfare in the dark for a short stretch (don’t tell my mom) but I made it in one piece.

4. Last week I was perusing my Facebook fans (likes?) when I noticed I was being followed by one Erin Cowan. Erin Cowan? That was my maiden name! I clicked on her name and found that she is a photographer in Illinois. We’ve sinced Facebooked back and forth and lamented the unfortunate pronunciations of Cowan (NOT Coe-en) and the occasional use of Erwin. I’ve never met anyone with my exact name before and I’m kind of tripping out over it!

5. In other “The Internet Is a Small Place” news, I got a super nice email last week from Naomi at Bakers Royale after I mentioned her cute blog in last week’s ToT post. And I noticed Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen (of roasted cabbage fame) left a sweet note in the comments section of that same post. Google Analytics is a beautiful thing. And when people use it to connect with one another, it’s even better. Hi girls!

6. Did you celebrate 90210 Day last week? (09/02/10) I celebrated with Luke Perry. Seriously. My neighbor’s name is Luke Perry. Beat that.

7. I bought my first bonafide pair of skinny jeans this weekend. I know I’m not a big girl but I do have thick thighs. Skinny jeans have to be worn precariously. I’ll let you know how it goes but, for the record, I have them on right now.

8. Now I’m wondering if I  was channeling #6 when I did #7.

9. My August shooting break is over and sessions have started back in full swing. Minisessions booked fast and furious last week. If you missed this morning’s newborn, check him out. He’s sure to make you smile.

10. For those of you who come here and care nothing about photography or editing, thank you for bearing with me through the impending release of my Clean Color Workflow Video. I promise that once September is over all the madness will have passed. The video link will stay up the in sidebar and I’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming. You know, cross-dressing children, near fatal mothering errors, potty training, and the like.

AmySeptember 7, 2010 - 1:06 pm

WOOOOOHOOOOO! You go girl! I’m so proud of you!! Awesome job to you AND Sarah! 13.1 miles. . . here you come! 🙂

Amy SSeptember 7, 2010 - 1:11 pm

Congrats on your race, Erin! Way to go too, Sarah! Running has never been that fun for me but I ran my first half marathon last September and am wishing that I was in the shape this year as I was last year (let’s just say that I am NOT sitting here in skinny jeans–yikes). My daughter is four too and I bet she would love to run a race like Sarah did. How fun!

JenniferSeptember 7, 2010 - 1:22 pm

Great job on the 10k!!

DebsSeptember 7, 2010 - 1:47 pm

*sigh*….love your blog!

j.j.September 7, 2010 - 1:50 pm

good job! amy had a LOT to do with me starting running and getting to run more than just a mile, so stick with her, she knows what she’s talking about:)

Meridith S.September 7, 2010 - 2:03 pm

GO GIRLS!!! You and Sarah look great. My older daughter has just decided to start [STRIKE]running[/STRIKE] jogging with me. It is fun to have an exercise buddy…especially one who is persistent and will not take “maybe later” as an answer when she asks exercise.

martha hernandezSeptember 7, 2010 - 2:10 pm

Gosh, congrats on your 10K and Sarah on her mile! I am vicariously living by you! I’m lucky to get 2 miles on the treadmill.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Lorena MoraSeptember 7, 2010 - 2:22 pm

I loved todays post. I did my first 5K on Saturday at Disneyland and I’m no Amy Shertzer but I really enjoyed it and will be training for a 10K next. My daughter Mady 7yrs old did 400 yard dash but will be doing the Disney 5K next year with me for fun and my son Tristan 2 years old did the 100 yard dash. Such fun to do a sport as a family. My husband has done 5K’s and 1/2 marathons but I’m not quite there yet, LOL.

GinaSeptember 7, 2010 - 3:12 pm

CONGRATS to you and Sarah on your awesome 10K and 1 mile.

allisonSeptember 7, 2010 - 5:01 pm

Great job on the run! I want to look that good after I have been running for **almost** an hour!

TracySeptember 7, 2010 - 6:34 pm

Great job on the marathon Erin! Do you have the link to the photographer (Erin Cowan) in Illinois? Or anyone else in the areayou would reccomend. Im from IL and am looking for a photographer for my boys. Thanks!

SueSeptember 7, 2010 - 6:39 pm

I am just so proud of you guys! What an awesome accomplishment.

Aunt LuSeptember 7, 2010 - 8:16 pm

My God woman is their anything you can’t do? No really is their? Mark my words you will be famous someday!

MeganSeptember 7, 2010 - 8:29 pm

You Rock!

SusieSeptember 7, 2010 - 10:53 pm

Yea, Erin! I’m so, so proud of yoU!

MomSeptember 7, 2010 - 11:18 pm

So glad to read this and know what is going on with the Huntsville gang! I miss you guys! We are having fun in Cali — 8 days down 11 to go! Love you!!

marileeSeptember 8, 2010 - 2:58 pm

love this post! lol!

LaraSeptember 8, 2010 - 4:28 pm

As if I’m the first to comment on how cool it is that you were with your neighbur, Luke Perry on 90210 day!

Angie SandySeptember 9, 2010 - 6:43 am

Great job Erin! I want to know how you convinced yourself to “fake it” into being a runner. I want to do the same thing!

KellySeptember 14, 2010 - 10:00 am

ok, I know that I am WAY late to this party– but I had to post my comment after your dare to “top that” about spending 90210 day with Luke Perry. My maiden name was Kelly Taylor. Yes, Kelly Taylor- AND- I was in high school when 90210 originally aired, and was a member of the same graduating class (93!) as the lovable Walsh twins and their friends/enemies. In high school I heard over and over and over– “you don’t look like Kelly Taylor!– you look more like Brenda! (oh joy!) SO, there! Topped! Haha!

Kelly (no longer Taylor) Prang

becky stanleySeptember 14, 2010 - 8:59 pm

Congrats on your 10k! I just finished my first half marathon at Disneyland! I am not a runner and hate every minute of training but the races sure are fun! Which half marathon are you running??

adminSeptember 15, 2010 - 10:23 am

Becky I’m running the Huntsville Half in November. At least, I hope I am!

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