Admittedly my style for the Pi’bears tends more toward hip and sporty (GAP-ish, if you will) than frilly and smocked (quite the style below the Mason-Dixon line, I’m finding). Exceptions can always be made though and when my friend Christi loaned us this amazing wool Rothschild coat that her daughter had outgrown I almost melted. It’s so classic and gorgeous. I’m almost afraid to even put Sarah in it – it’s just that beautiful. She wore it to church on Sunday with her Christmas dress underneath and I couldn’t resist dragging her out into the cold to snap some pictures.

The best part for me is that I think she can still get another year’s wear out of it. The best part for Sarah is that it comes with an adorable matching hand warmer that she’s positive is a purse perfectly sized and made expressly to hold her beloved granola bars.

I should mention too that Christi also has an adorable almost one-year old little guy who she keeps in some pretty stylin’ clothes as well. And guess who’s getting the hand-me-downs? Ephraim’s closet is looking pretty swank these days. 🙂 Thanks girl!
AmandaDecember 27, 2007 - 2:19 pm

She’s adorable!!!

J.J. KillinsDecember 27, 2007 - 2:41 pm

this is exactly how i feel about alla’s leopard coat – what an unbelievable handmedown!

kristinaDecember 27, 2007 - 4:24 pm

Beautiful coat AND photos, Erin!

MeganDecember 27, 2007 - 6:58 pm

I love the picture where she is snickering with her hand over her mouth. So cute.

JenniferDecember 27, 2007 - 8:02 pm

Gorgeousness! Aren’t friends with hand-me-downs awesome? Aunt Lu and I swapped back and forth quite a bit when the kids were little. (Noah to Tyler, back to Aaron, then to Nick)

JoyceDecember 28, 2007 - 8:26 am

Precious…just precious! Happy New Year to you all.
Love you…

AnonymousDecember 28, 2007 - 6:03 pm

Timeless and Priceless!
Question- Where do you order your prints from? I usually order from shutterfly-but just the standard 4×6- If I wanted to order something bigger in your opinion who has the best quality online or franchise stores?

erinDecember 29, 2007 - 9:29 am

Try mpix.com. I think their quality is just about the best you can get without being a professional. The site is a little difficult to navigate but worth it. Good luck!

Mommy SharDecember 29, 2007 - 10:03 am

Erin- I thought it was about time I said hello since you are like myself, one who is curious as to who is reading your blog. I came across your blog through a friend who loves photography. I have been checking it for about a month now. First off your pictures are amazing, I wish I had your talent. Your kids are adorable! Your little girl is so photogenic. I also love your son’s name as my home town is Ephraim Utah, pretty crazy. Anyway just wanted to say hello. I love reading about all your mommy things, being a new mom myself I can so relate!

AmyDecember 30, 2007 - 12:47 am

What a beautiful coat! Even though it’s not pink, it sure looks like Sarah loves it too!

Susie PSUDecember 30, 2007 - 1:11 pm

It IS a cute coat. On a cute little girl. Great pictures!

MarciDecember 30, 2007 - 3:40 pm

Totally adorable! Love the first picture. Her curly hair is just to cute.

DaphneDecember 31, 2007 - 8:22 am

Happy New Year to you all!

ChristiJanuary 1, 2008 - 3:17 pm

She looks beautiful! It’s really great to see the sweet little coat getting more use 🙂

GinaJanuary 2, 2008 - 4:54 pm

Beautiful coat, Sarah looks so grown up in it!

AnonymousJanuary 3, 2008 - 5:15 am

She’s is beautiful, like always…

French Mom

busickhallJanuary 12, 2008 - 7:48 am

We had that coat for my girl too! Isn’t it just fantastic? She always looked like a little doll in it. I wish I’d had the smarts to take her out and photograph her in it before she outgrew it. Love this set.

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