who loves bathtime?

Contrary to what they tell you in the hospital about drying out your babies skin and babies not getting dirty and blah, blah, blah, we’re a bathe-our-babies-every-night kind of family. It’s not really that I’m insistent that they be sparkling clean all the time but I just feel like it keeps them in a nice routine and gets them settled down for sleep. Sarah has always been a great sleeper – even as an infant – so we’ve just kept the bathtime routine going for Ephraim too.

Every night since we arrived home the hospital Ephraim has pitched a fit about the bathtub but last night – BREAKTHROUGH! He cooed and kicked and pursed his little rosebud lips (I swear that’s a precursor to a smile) and didn’t even slip down into the tub and inhale water as I snapped a million photos. Wasn’t that nice of him?

Gosh I just love this kid. He’s seriously so sweet. At the risk of jinxing myself I’ll just go ahead and say that he’s even…easy. A textbook baby, for real. When Sarah and Caroline were babes Samantha and I use to guffaw when the literature said crazy things like “put your baby in his crib drowsy but awake.” YEAH RIGHT? What baby does THAT??? Um, don’t hate me…but Ephraim does. Now that I’ve put that out into the universe I’m sure that he’ll turn into Mr. Colic today but at least we enjoyed his sweet, sleepy nature for the first four weeks of his life!

AmandaDecember 19, 2007 - 6:45 am

He sure is one sweet baby. Congrats on getting an easy baby! Everyone should have atleast one. 😉

Mom2DrewDecember 19, 2007 - 6:46 am

Nate is the same way, except he insists on grunting like crazy. It’s time we take him out of our room and into the nursery.

I really like the closer shot, focusing on his wide-eyes. Amazing how much he’s grown already.

AmyDecember 19, 2007 - 7:50 am

You seem like yourself again. . . complete with wonderful pictures of your sweet boy. He really, truly is a sweetie! And I’m glad he likes bathtime now!

Mayberry FamilyDecember 19, 2007 - 8:38 am

Too sweet! He’s such a pretty baby!

MeganDecember 19, 2007 - 10:16 am

We did the same bathtime routine for all of our kids. It seems to get them ready for bed so much easier. And our kids never dried out. It’s called using lotion? He is so cute. I think he favors Brent a bit.

AmyDecember 19, 2007 - 12:39 pm

He is absolutly beautiful!

LisaDecember 19, 2007 - 12:54 pm

He is definitly a sweet and handsome little baby boy! I love his little lips in the pictures!

I wish we could do baths every night b/c my daughter loves then, but she has TERRIBLE ezcema and baths dry her out so much more even with the loads of creams and steriod creams we use!

AnonymousDecember 19, 2007 - 1:17 pm

Love the bathtime photos! Thanks for sharing! We fall in the same routine is best category. 🙂 So glad Ephraim is a mellow little guy!

J.J. KillinsDecember 19, 2007 - 2:03 pm

well honey i hope you’re taking notes because i will need all the ‘put your baby down drowsy but awake’ help i can get. and i’m with you on the bath every night. now alla insists on it, or else it’s like the world might end if we change her routine!

JoyDecember 19, 2007 - 4:12 pm

Drowsy but awake? Charlie has been doing that from the beginning too — how did I get such an easy, mellow baby? Bath every night works for us like that too — baby lotion massage afterwards, and then our smiling boy goes to sleep in his crib! He’s so easy, we’re almost scared to have a 2nd — there’s no way another one will be this easygoing!

carolDecember 19, 2007 - 8:36 pm

I believe in the put them in the crib sleepy, it worked with my twins when they were little (about the only sanity I had). Be on the lookout for a package from Ohio. A tasty treat for the adults!!! I wonder what it is??

DeniseDecember 19, 2007 - 9:17 pm

Second babies rock!!! And here’s to easy babies!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. He is simply beautiful!

Cathy BolanderDecember 19, 2007 - 10:35 pm

He’s just so precious! Congrats on an easy baby. I hope my 2nd is that easy especially since he’s arriving in 12 days.

Shana-LynnDecember 20, 2007 - 6:11 am

He is one handsome little guy, that is for sure!

Susie PSUDecember 20, 2007 - 12:47 pm

I agree with the bath routine. I think my kids have missed maybe 10 nights of not bathing in their LIFE, and they are getting old! Routine makes everything easier in the long run.

Glad you got an easy baby – I never did!!

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