could be a new favorite

First, an update. Exactly 24 hours after Sarah’s cast came off she took her first steps. So much for my fears of arrested development!

I snapped this while Sarah was standing in front of the tree this evening admiring all the pretty ornaments. It’s certainly no coincidence that her two newest signs are “pretty” and “tree”.

Thanks to all of you who are voting for the Pigbear! All of the calls, emails, messages, forwards, bulletins, and threads made yesterday one of the most fun days of my life. It’s been so fun connecting with new friends and re-connecting with old friends during all of this. You guys rock!
MeganNovember 29, 2006 - 10:54 pm

That is a gorgeous picture. I really think Sarah is going to win this contest

MeghanNovember 29, 2006 - 10:57 pm

What an angel! She belongs on the top of that tree…Congrats on your first steps sweet girl!

Colleen from AuburnNovember 30, 2006 - 7:22 am

What a sweet picture!!

TerryNovember 30, 2006 - 7:53 am

So glad to know that she is ready to rock (walk). If she could walk like she did with a cast and shopping cart, I’m sure she will be doing it on her own soon.

Great picture! She is sooooo sweet!

JoyceNovember 30, 2006 - 8:18 am

That picture is just precious…Looks as if you have the,”PERFECT” Christmas card in the making!

Congrats., to little Sarah and her very first step!!
Love you all….

JenniferNovember 30, 2006 - 10:19 am

They should use THAT picture in their Baby Gap ads! By the way, did you know that they go straight from “steps” to running?! Now I’m off to enter my daily vote….

J.J. KillinsNovember 30, 2006 - 12:54 pm

can’t wait to get one of those pics of my own! off to vote for the day! yay for walking!

NanaNovember 30, 2006 - 2:26 pm

I’m so excited about Sarah walking! She probably feels like it’s so easy now that she doesn’t have the cast on.

I absolutely love the picture! Another prize winner.

AnonymousNovember 30, 2006 - 8:06 pm

Boy, you’ve got the mommy thing bad! (I confess, this is my first blog ever) It’s fun, though, isn’t it?! Pigbear is beautiful and we’re going to vote everyday. How exciting! – Yvonne

AnonymousDecember 1, 2006 - 2:31 pm

Congrats on your first steps Sarah!

That picture of Sarah is too precious! Gina

AnnaDecember 4, 2006 - 11:11 am

Gorgeous! love this shot – i’m going to have to attempt to copy you so I can have one!

Julie C ButlerDecember 4, 2006 - 12:26 pm

OMG Erin – this photo is to die for .. I can see why this would be a new favorite for you!!
Great photo!!

Julie C ButlerDecember 4, 2006 - 12:28 pm

Forgot to say congrats on the first steps – I remember when Cameron took his .. I cried! And this is only this past August .. now he runs!!

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