all treats, no tricks

As it should be, right?

We had SO MUCH FUN parading Sarah around the neighborhood, using her as our candy pawn. We had a mini-playgroup over at Samantha’s with the babies decked out in their costumes and the mamas and daddies chowing on soup and sweets. Then we hit the streets. We only made it to a few houses in the twenty-something degree temps but, man, it was worth it. Already looking forward to next year!

Here’s our little doggie sifting through her bowl for a yummy treat. She did actually end up eating it. After letting her suck on the wrapper as we walked around the neighborhood we realized that she’d long since passed the wrapper and was halfway down the tootsie roll. Oh well. As a neighbor down the street said, “Erin will have her back on tofu tomorrow”. So true, so true. Come to think of it, she had some for lunch. Yum.

J.J. KillinsNovember 1, 2006 - 6:08 pm

now that’s the cutest doggie i ever did see.

AmyNovember 1, 2006 - 7:42 pm

No “cage” pics? They were so adorable last night. Hope she scored you some good sweets!

JoyceNovember 2, 2006 - 8:58 am

Such as Halloween should be…with the joys of children anticipating what to wear for their night-out!
Great picture of dad and daughter.
Love you…

JenniferNovember 2, 2006 - 11:31 am

Such a tease! I hope there are more pics to come of the kids at dressed up!! By the way, a little candy never hurt anyone – look how good you turned out!

Susie PSUNovember 2, 2006 - 11:52 am

Your candy pawn…have you no SHAME???!!

Hey, I’ve always done the same thing! ha ha

What an adorable doggie. You have set yourself up for next year – how will you top this?

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