ten on tuesday

1. We had a busy morning, kicked off with FREE breakfast at Chick Fil A. Our CFA is offering free breakfasts every Tuesday in June. This morning was the chicken biscuit…YUM! If you have a CFA near you give them a call to see if they’re participating! Also, when I clicked on their site to grab that hyperlink I noticed that they also have a Father’s Day promotion coming up: Bring your dad in on the 20th (the day before Father’s Day — they’re not open on Sundays) and get a free 20 oz. milkshake for the big guy.

2. Free breakfast was followed by bible study and then a planned commissary trip that was rerouted to Target. We were pushing lunchtime so I got the kids an icee and a popcorn to share. I briefly considered calling that “lunch” when we got home but caved to the mommy guilt and offered some fruit and crackers before naptime.

3. My friend Eric sent me a link to Droze Photography’s Things That Make Her Smile Project. If you’re a sucker for loving, thoughtful husbands like I am (okay, I’m only a sucker for *one*) then you’ll appreciate his story. Find it here. Then head to his Etsy shop here.

4. On Thursday we’re heading down to Panama City Beach for my stepbrother Craig’s wedding. I have only two requirements for trips to PCB: Donuts at Thomas’s Donuts and fresh gulf shrimp at  Buddy’s Seafood. Sorry they don’t have websites – they’re not those kind of places. But the the good places never are, right?

5. Speaking of stepbrothers, you can see my other stepbrother, Jay, on my business blog. He’s a cutie. It’s worth the click.

6. For those of you who asked, here are a few recipes for you: Classic PestoTomato-Ricotta Tart, and Homemade Hummus.

7. Thank you for all your suggestions on getting rid of our ants. Unfortunately I’ve been too lazy to try any of them. Maybe next week will be my week…

8. This afternoon I hope to get Sarah signed up for her fall ballet class. She is chomping.at.the.bit to take ballet. I hope it lives up to her surely-grand expectations!

9. I woke up admittedly grumpy this morning but at least gave my family fair warning before I bit any heads off. Not sure what it was but cleaning Sarah’s room from top to bottom seemed to be the cure. I feel much better now! (and no, cleaning does not make my happy…I think I just needed to get out some unexplained aggression. Weird, huh?)

10. I need a subscription to a home/decorating magazine. I’m leaning toward Better Homes and Gardens. Other ideas?

SallyJune 16, 2009 - 2:39 pm

I LOVE my Real Simple magazine. It does some home decorating, but also just helpful around the house stuff. However, I always get more from pictures anyway and the whole thing is great eye-candy. Can’t plug enough the Youngsters at This Young House (just google the name). No subscription necessary but an RSS feed! 🙂

christenJune 16, 2009 - 5:09 pm

I love Coastal Living. (Or any of the other varieties of that mag!) Real Simple is good, too, but I find it less “fun” decorating wise.

JenneyJune 16, 2009 - 6:43 pm

Buddy’s Seafood – yum!! We like Angelo’s Steak Pit, too. Great steaks and very relaxed for kids. =)

Have a fun trip!

DanielleJune 16, 2009 - 7:19 pm

Style at Home is my favourite – Canadian but still has great ideas!

JenniferJune 21, 2009 - 6:59 am

I’ve been getting Better Homes and Gardens for a few years and love it. I also subscribe to a couple of their gardening sister mags. Subscriptions are pretty cheap so you can probably get away with a couple of different ones.

sara farrarJune 25, 2009 - 7:01 pm

i love House Beautiful! it is the BEST magazine! lots of neat ideas and great ideas with color!

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