the seaside half.

Like all of the posts in the queue here at The Pigbear, this one is old. How old, you ask? Like, old enough that when I was in these pictures I had bangs. Which then grew out. And have now been cut into bangs again. That’s two whole seasons by my count.

But this trip was fun and has stories worth telling so here we go.

This past February (told you this was old!) my running group headed down to the beach to run the Seaside Half Marathon. A couple of years ago Brent and I were generously gifted the beach house that Brent’s parents built 30+ years ago. It was their baby for decades, and now it’s ours. We have already had SO many adventures there, with so many more to come.

Our house is in Laguna Beach, just outside of Panama City Beach, and just short jaunt from the hoity toity beaches down 30A. So we loaded up the day before the race and headed down to road to grab our registration packets, shop and carb load.

These friends have come to mean so much to me.  I started running with them two or three years ago when I had a couple of half marathons under my belt but was starting to get bored with just the thoughts in my own head on a ten mile long run. I heard these girls had a group and that they might not mind me honing in on it. So hone I did. And now, hundreds of miles and ten half marathons later I dare them to even think about kicking me out. Their friendship has done more for my sanity than running ever has…and that’s saying a lot. I adore them.

Amy and Angela…

Plus Bri…

I think you know this one…

Plus Julie and Brooke…

Told you we were carb loading. Beer = best carb ever.

Once Seaside sent us packing we headed back to Laguna and spent the rest of the day resting our legs at the house.

Not counting the mad dash to TJ Maxx for sheddable cool weather clothing when we realized the race start temps were much lower than we had expected.

After a good night’s sleep we were up at zero-dark-thirty for race day.

Race, miles, run, blah, blah, blah.

13.1 miles later we were back, showered, happy, and half-drunk on mimosas. Post-race afternoons are a beautiful thing!

We strolled down to the beach, looking like a cross between a Beatles album cover and an ad for colored denim.

Then I got a picture of their cute runner’s butts as I simultaneously tried to sell them a house in our beach neighborhood…

Maybe we’ll stay at their house next year!

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