eve and morn. 2013.

Despite Ephraim and Brent spending the better part of Christmas Eve in the emergency room, we still managed to squeeze in all of our favorite traditions. Including riding home from Ohatchee (taking the long way through Arab) while listening to Christmas tunes on the radio, mixing up our sugar cookie dough (we saved the beater for E), baking and decorating our cookies, making homemade pizza and playing board games while it baked. We did have to miss our church’s Christmas Eve children’s service (and our family’s annual lighting of the Advent wreath) but I think the broken bone gives us a pass this year.

Once our boy was safe and sound at home Grama and Grandad has already arrived so we got down to business.

This year the board game of choice was Beat the Parents. We took some liberties and allowed grandparents to be beat as well.

And this year since my dad lives in Huntsville now, we got him in on it too. Score! Before we sat down to our deep dish pizza dinner the kiddos posed with Ephraim’s Christmas Eve orthopedic acquisition. For those of you who aren’t aware, Sarah had been asking for an ankle boot for 364 days. She started planning for it the minute she opened her crutches from Santa last year. And if you’ve ever had a dramatic eight year old girl in your home then you can imagine how things went at our house when little brother trumped her Christmas gift a day early. Not good. Thankfully by the time this shot was snapped she had (mostly) recovered. And we were all able to enjoy our pizza in relative peace. After dinner the kiddos set to work writing their Santa letters. 

Each of their epistles are very telling of their personalities.

From Sarah: (in her best “cursive”): Dear Santa, Enjoy your milk and cookies! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all you do! =) Merry Christmas and have a happy new years. Bye! Happy Christmas Wishes, Sarah.”

And then…

From Ephraim: I hope I am not on the naughty list. Love, Ephraim. To: Santa*.

*aka Satan. Who knew?

But have no fear little one, you aren’t on anyone’s naughty list. Except maybe Jake’s when you started nabbing that big ol’ pile of cookies…


Christmas night was full of grown-up fun once the kiddos went to bed. Although Sarah did awake twice in the night, sneaking out to see if Santa had come yet. We had a bouncer sleeping on the couch to guard the tree though so it’s all good. Thank you Jake.

When morning did finally come the kids bounded out to find their three gifts from the big guy…

First, a bike for E.

(Way to go Santa, considering the poor kid has a broken toe. Maybe you are Satan after all…)

Then, some Auburn football gear…

And finally, a new wii game – Donkey Kong.

Sarah also received a bike from Santa but that was quickly eschewed in favor of something infinitely more practical…

Yep, the boot. A real crowd-pleaser for the tween set apparently.

After the boot and the bike Santa also scored big with a little mystery gift for Sarah…

A tripod for her “phone” (my old iphone with no cell service attached).

Her rainbow loom tutorials will never be the same.

I’m not sure how many more years of Christmas “magic” we’ll be gifted with so I’m soaking up every one we get.

Here’s to at least one more year.

KimJanuary 9, 2014 - 9:03 am

haha! A boot… that is awesome! love her!

Jessica WJanuary 9, 2014 - 9:06 am

I always this look forward to this entry. 🙂 Glad it was another good one!

Juli PJanuary 9, 2014 - 10:12 am

the boot, the crutches, the glasses….your daughter is a hoot!
how funny (sort of) that B-Ro beat her to the boot!
I’m loving the last year of two of the magic of Christmas too! I think we may squeeze one more year out of this!
Here’s to hoping!

Julie PilchJanuary 13, 2014 - 10:20 am

I love these pictures and I’m in the same boat with three girls and the rainbow loom craze which I brought over here to the UK after a visit to a cousin in New York. I wondered, does Sarah still love her American Girl dolls? My girls began to love American girl dolls after seeing your blog posts as we don’t have the stores over here. We now have 4 dolls in our house and numerous clothes that have taken over!!! I love your pictures and your posts, hope you have a great day xxx

erin cobbJanuary 14, 2014 - 7:28 pm

Julie, so neat that your girls are in love with Rainbow Loom and American Girl too! Sarah still loves her dolls but she doesn’t always play with them. She loves HAVING them but they’re not part of her daily play, you know? Occasionally friends or cousins will want to play or tote around the dolls and so she’ll join them. They’re so precious though!

JulieJanuary 15, 2014 - 9:25 am

Thank you Erin for replying to my comment you have really made my day! My three are the same, today though Rosie (AG doll) and Saige were taken downstairs and made ready for “school” and I was asked by my 8 year old if I wouldn’t mind teaching them during the day! They are precious and I know they are creating wonderful memories 🙂 Best wishes to you and your family xxx

KarenJanuary 15, 2014 - 12:07 pm

Christmas is not complete without a visit to the Cobb’s house on Christmas afternoon!! We love your family and love the cookies!! Thank you again!

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