the overshadowed birthday boy.

Brent’s birthday is the day after Christmas. He has long joked that it always gets overshadowed by “some other guy”. Of course that is in jest and I’m pretty sure he’s forgiven for it. (After all, isn’t that what “some other guy” was all about?)

Interesting side note: our first date was on Brent’s birthday sixteen years ago. And I’ve tried to make the date special every year since.

Lately our tradition has been to spend the day at our house with his parents and his brother’s family. We were thrilled they were able to make the drive to Huntsville again this year. It gave Brent and Tory an awesome opportunity to show the boys in our neighborhood how this backyard football thing is done.

In the end, I think Tigger was really the one hosting the clinic.

After the football game Uncle T caught a glimpse of my newest acquisition (recently revived by Mr. Wes…thank you Mr. Wes!). Parmy was reluctant but Tory was persuasive.

And Lily was just plain fearless.

(That’s how Lily rolls.)

Meanwhile in an 8 year old’s bedroom…

Hi Papa!

(And have no fear, the crutches aren’t for Papa. But of course, if you’ve read this blog before, you knew that already.)

The girlies helped me make Brent’s birthday black bottom banana cream pie…

And for dinner we gnoshed on his meal of choice – chicken enchiladas – and then we cooked up a Mario Kart tournament. The girls were in charge of creating the bracket.

The boys were in charge of…well, I’m not really sure what the boys were in charge of. 

Another sidenote: all Cobbs are uber-competitive. It’s in both the DNA and the marriage vows. The Mario Kart tournament was sure to test our family ties.

Last side note: Have no fear of the bandage, Brent did not attempt to self injure over the holidays. He simply had a run in with a patch of poison oak while digging for worms. Which is another story entirely but I won’t bore you.

This is Tory and Parmy admiring his win in the first round of the tourney.

This is Ephraim being devastated that Uncle Tory beat his mommy in the first round of the tourney…

And this is Ephraim making Uncle Tory pay for mistreating his mama like that…

And then there were two.

And I think you can see how it ended. The student surpasses the master.

Happy Birthday Brent,

take comfort that there’s only one guy in the universe who can overshadow you.

JojoJanuary 16, 2014 - 9:56 am

Love the post! A good time was had by all.

Jessica WJanuary 16, 2014 - 10:46 am

Love it!

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