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superdad strikes again.

By the time we arrived back at our hotel on the eve of our last day in Disney (remember? magical-ish princess day?) the question of me catching Ephraim’s stomach bug was no longer an “if” but a “when”. I knew it was coming for me. And it was going to be ugly. Now for a...

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Disney – the magical and the not-so-much.

Last week we did Disney. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Disney did us. Wow, that place is intense y’all. We shoved off from school at noon on Friday and headed toward Orlando, a 12 hour drive stretched out before us. Our kiddos are reliably great travelers so the ride was...

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ten on tuesday.

1. To the kind soul who tweeted last Tuesday, “Bring back ToT!! My life needs you in it.”…this one’s for you. Thanks for making me feel needed/missed/not crazy for posting these nutty things! 2. I’m about to head out the door to photograph one of my very last families of 2012. I sure love what...

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A few weeks ago Grandaddy rolled into town to mix it up with the kiddos a bit. Ephraim had him playing soccer in the backyard within about five seconds of his arrival. Fearing my Dad might need a distraction from Ephraim’s near limitless enthusiasm for kicking a ball back and forth, I headed out back...

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mia and fyi.

I know I’ve been absent from the internets and I’m sorry! We went to Disney, we got a stomach bug, my boy turned 5, we drove to my in-laws for T’giving, and today we head back home. This afternoon we pick up our new piano, I get to meet baby Arden (congrats Lacy and Graham!)...

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