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ten on tuesday.

1. Okay people. This girl leaves for NYC tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. And my life motto is in full effect: “if you wait ’til the last minute, it only takes a minute.” 2. I wish I were kidding. Meghan and Heather are sitting here offering to pack my clothes for me. And I just may...

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On our Isle of Palms vacation when we’re not beachside, we’re inside. And sometimes that’s just as much fun. The house we’ve stayed in for the last three years seems like it was made for our families. There are three master bedrooms and then a bedroom with two twins (for our two girls) and a...

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great news!

Edited Monday evening – All pass winners have been notified via email. Hope to see y’all there! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited…I just found out that I have a few passes for the Blographer event to share. I want to take you with me! First, ask yourself these two questions… Can you get your bootie to...

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            While the major pull to Isle of Palms each Summer is the Cobb-Clark-Shertzer friendship trinity, the other siren call is that of the beach. Each year, this is the sight I love the most… watching all of my people loaded up, treking over “our hill” toward the beach. I’ll confess that sometimes in the...

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born to be besties.

  After we left JoJo and Papa’s river house we loaded into the truck and headed straight for Isle of Palms (by way of one night at my Dad’s house) for our annual Cobb-Clark-Shertzer reunion. It’s our fourth year in a row to spend a week with these dear friends and our third year in a row to venture to the same...

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