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I haven’t been blogging a ton lately. I’m torn between saying its because nothing’s been going on, and saying it’s because life is too darn busy. I guess the truth is both. Here are just a few of the things that have been going on while, you know, nothing has been going on. The kiddos...

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this one…

Is hanging loud and proud in the Cottage right now… Dang those are some good looking kids. Share on Facebook

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ten on tuesday.

1. Did anyone notice that I missed not one but TWO ToT posts in a row? 2. I can’t offer an excuse other than that I just didn’t feel up to it. It’s summer after all, right? No responsibilities, no cares. Or something. 3. The Cottage is coming along beautifully. There are a few finishing...

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I’m about to tell you something truly awful. Feel free to judge me…I accept it. My only son is four and a half years old, I’m a professional photographer, and until last weekend the last time I made a portrait of him he was 18 months old. I know. I can barely believe it myself....

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from the window.

I’m a few weeks behind on bloggable pictures as a friend sweetly pointed out at the pool yesterday. I think these are from May. But they’re certainly still blog worthy so here they go! I looked out my kitchen window one evening and couldn’t resist grabbing my camera for these priceless shots of my two...

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