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sometimes there are no words.

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love notes on a napkin.

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food and files.

Last night I spent some quality time with my neglected Spring 2012 memories and my pantry (what? I was hungry). I think I’ve gotten things to a manageable and shareable level. While I was hunting around I realized that I missed an entire half of my California pictures when I first edited and shared them....

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ten on tuesday.

1. I’ve been a shameful family historian of late. I’ve been taking the pictures but not telling the stories. Ugh. Hate that feeling. 2. The countdown to the cottage is officially on. The sweet family who is renting the house will move out at the end of May and we hope to have the business...

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straight up.

This dude is like his mama in so many ways. He loves hard. He cries often. He thinks his dimples will get him out of anything. He sneaks sweets. He loves fresh juice. He can’t hide his emotions. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t know a stranger. He tells the world his...

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