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Me + Karen.

You may have already heard the news via my good friend Karen Russell. But in case you haven’t, here you go. Karen and I are teaming up, officially. Where she goes, I go. Where I go, she goes. Figuratively. And only on the internets. Of course. Karen does a pretty bang up job of explaining...

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ten on tuesday.

1. Thank you guys SO much for all of your comment love on the blog in the last few days. I’m super excited to try some of the suggestions on getting Sarah to ride her bike independently. It truly does take a village, doesn’t it?! 2. Do you like the new Facebook? I’m fine with...

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soccer season, v2.0

  Last Thursday evening after narrowly avoiding losing my son, narrowly avoiding losing my neighbor, narrowly avoiding losing my gold slingback sandals, and narrowly avoiding losing Sarah’s lunch all over the grass, we headed to Ephraim’s first soccer game of the season. If it weren’t for all those near losses I’d tell you other mamas...

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that’s my girl.

  Last week Sarah came home with paperwork for a city-wide children’s fun run. It was free, it was open to preschool and up, and you got a t-shirt at the end. Sign us up. The morning of the race I asked Dawn if Betsy could join us since I knew the race started earlier...

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like riding a bike.

Six years ago I was a darn near perfect parent. I knew exactly how to handle every situation. What to say, how to say it, and who to blame when things went awry in other people’s children. Of course, six years ago my first child was yet to be born. But I just knew I...

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