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snow: southern style.

  After two “snow events” (southern speak for dustings) we’re getting a little cocky in our ability to weather the weather.    Notice, for example, that my child now has appropriate gloves. That deserves a “boo-yah”, wouldn’t you agree?    We’re getting very adept at playing “fight snow” (according to Ephraim)…    And we’ve even...

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natural consequences.

Hey Stinkerbug… Yes, you. Come here. I want to tell you something. Before I was your mommy, I spent my days being outnumbered (20+ to 1!) by little fellas just a tad bit bigger than you. I learned one very important tenet quickly: natural consequences are effective for young children. See, it goes something like...

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a toy story christmas.

  (Warning: slight exaggeration ahead.) After practically getting death threats for missing this week’s Ten on Tuesday post I figured I better jump back on this pony before it rides away. And lucky for me, I have just the cowgirl to help me do that.  My dad came for a short visit after Christmas (I...

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in contrast.

Yesterday I explained in great detail how I came to the conclusion that boys are weird. Today I’ll show you, pictorially, why girls are all sunshine and light and fairy dust… Although as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes they’re equal parts sass and demands and tell-it-like-it-is. (Not mine of course, but I hear tell.) After...

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Uncle T.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for Tory, Parmy and crew to head to our house the day after Christmas so the kiddos can hang out and share excitedly about the loot Santa dumped on them (house shoes, alarm clarks, dinosaur fact cards and all). The day after Christmas also happens to be Brent’s birthday...

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