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get your hands up!

(It’s a Party in the U.S.A.!!!) While our house just can’t accomodate all of you lovely blog readers… for our blowout dance party tonight… Download our playlist and jam with the birthday girl! Go ahead, you know you want to shake your groove thing to Miley, Taylor and the Glee Cast! Share on Facebook

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Five year ago on this day I walked into a hospital, 10 days overdue. Five years ago a nurse hooked me up to every machine imaginable, laughed when I asked her how many women were induced with pitocin and yet didn’t need an epidural, and then walked out again. Five year ago that same nurse...

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ten on tuesday.

1. It’s a crazy weather day here in Alabama. Our sunny skies have been swirling rapidly since dawn and we’re having unseasonably warm, humid weather. If you live here you know what that means: tornadoes. 2. My little worry wart has been glued to the TV since she got home from school, shouting urgent questions...

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wednesday morning.

     Welcome Fall. We love you. Share on Facebook

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