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clean color. again.

I’m about to tell you guys something that you’re probably not going to like. I don’t like it either. But first, can I show you a really funny picture to take your mind off of the fact that I’m about to tell you something that you’re probably not going to like? Cool, thanks. Here you...

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ten on tuesday.

1. Last night I was a sub for my super fun bunko group. They threatened not to invite me back because they’re afraid I’ll blog everything they say. And I just might. 2. One of the members just had twins (you’ll see them on my biz blog soon) and meals were being coordinated for her....

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two fronts.

  For those who care… (Wondering what I’m talking about? Learn more about the Clean Color Workflow Video here.)   And for those who dont (just one of my tree-climbing little monkey that I don’t think I ever shared)… Share on Facebook

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one for you, one for me.

Target had piggy banks on sale last week. That’s what I call divine intervention on aisle 28. I knew we needed 4 of them. My stepdad lets my children take handfuls of pocket change from his special jar at the end of every visit. They’ve accumulated quite a stash. So we put it to good use, spreading...

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what does a mother do…

  …with a picture like this?  Blog it of course! (As for explanations, don’t look at me. I have none.) Share on Facebook

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