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saturday night blogging. (or, how to create a large canvas collage)

It’s pushing midnight. I’m at my mom’s. She’s out playing taxi for two husbands who need a ride home from The Music City Brewfest (names yet to be released). Might as well blog, right? Everytime I post a shot that shows my collage canvas in the background I get questions about it both in the comments...

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Southern California Sessions!

  I’ll be heading to Southern California in Febuary for three days of shooting *IF* I book at least 6 sessions.  Minimum sessions are booked…trip is definitely on!   Emails went out yesterday to those who have expressed interest via email, blog, twitter, or facebook. If you didn’t get it and you want it, leave a comment...

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ten on tuesday.

1. I bought a 2011 calendar today. Not having one is what has kept me from firmly scheduling my LA sessions. Now that I have it I’ll be sending the info out TODAY (or tonight) to those of you who have replied with interest on this blog or Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t get...

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built in besties.

From birth to age 11 I was a Navy Brat. A Squid’s Kid. From age 20 to 27 I was an Air Force Wife. My list of home states/countries goes like this: Maryland Greece California Panama Maryland Alabama Mississippi (a brief but world-altering interlude) Ohio Colorado Alabama. HOME. Growing up I never really thought about...

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