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living to eat. and loving it.

I have this theory about food. I believe you either eat to live or live to eat. I also firmly believe that if you don’t live to eat (like I do) then you and I probably won’t be fast friends. Food to me does not just equal fuel. It equals fabulousness. Which is just one of...

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ten on tuesday.

 1. For those who asked, we vacationed at Isle of Palms, South Carolina last week. It was absolutely fabulous. We rented a large house for three families that was about 100 yards from the water. Our section of the beach was surprisingly empty which was perfect for us! I would highly recommend that location for...

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mondays are a cruel joke.

On vacation Mondays and regular Mondays the same truth holds true – it doesn’t seem possible that Friday will ever arrive. The difference is that on vacation Mondays the impossiblity of Friday feels like a permanent break from the world. The week stretches out before us…surely it will never end! While on regular Mondays the...

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from here to there to here again.

I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot of all our things loaded up again, this time headed back home, to compare to last week’s iphone capture.  We’re home. For five days. This weekend we’ll cap off our summer with a weekend at JoJo and Papa’s riverhouse. Then I’ll take off for three days on a roadtrip...

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Erin’s Mom Again, One More From the Archives

This is for all of you out there who rely solely on email for communication.  A reminder to take pen in hand once in awhile.  Your children and grandchildren may thank you for it down the road! Of Packrats, Mothers-in-law, and the Lost Art of Letter Writing (written April 15, 2006) My husband and I...

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