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sneaky mcsneakerson

When I returned home from Dayton on Friday evening this is what I found…  I have two very important letters to publish regarding this unbelievable circle of goodness. First. Dear Cake Baker Lady, When you called me on my cell phone and started the conversation with, “Erin Cobb, I have something I need to bring...

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i’ll keep him.

Screaming lungs, dirty knees, sweaty hair and all. Share on Facebook

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ten on tuesday

1. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my little shout out to Ann Taylor Loft on Saturday. ATL and I (along with my personal shopper, Sarah) got along famously this weekend and somehow I ended up with (gulp) five savings cards. I think they work like Gymbucks – $25 gift cards...

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here we are now, entertain us.

(I won’t pretend to be cool enough to have been a Nirvana fan. Or for that matter, even cool enough to know if it was cool to be a Nirvana fan. Was it? ) Being in a hotel room for two weeks straight has it’s perks. And of course, it’s drawbacks. At the top of...

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memory lane.

I imagine that if you’ve lived in one place for your entire life then your memories of places and milestones are so intertwined with your daily experience that your past life doesn’t revisit you everyday. But all I can do is imagine that. I’ve never lived anywhere for longer than the six years of middle school and...

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