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how memories are made.

The mind is a funny thing. And the moments it chooses to catalog for life baffle me.  I know very well that the snippets of your childhood you’ll remember will be random and plentiful at best. And scattered and sparse at worst. But if I had the power to help you preserve the memory of a moment, for...

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It started innocently enough. Our family of four, watching a soon-to-be mama bird build a nest for her new family, nestled between the roof overhang and the downspout… We delighted in the advent of new life in our yard. And Brent hurried outside to reload the bird feeder. But then Spring took a more sinister...

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ten on tuesday.

1. I received my first birthday present in the mail yesterday, from Samantha. Exactly one month until the big day. I can only surmise that this means she’ll be sending me a new gift everyday for the next 30 days to ring my 30th in with style. Right? 2. For the record, it was this. I...

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oregon, karen, and cameras. oh my.

For all two of you out there who don’t know who Karen Russell is (yes, you under that rock…I’m talking to you) she writes one heck of a blog right here. Her resume includes being a Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner, inventing scrapbook transparencies (yes, you read that right!), creating and running an amazing...

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true story.

Brent and I were married for five years before Sarah was born. And contrary to typical American family lore and legend we didn’t get very much ragging on the old “when are you gonna give us grandchildren” front. But then Brent’s dad saw one of those Take Me Fishing commercials and all bets were off. The...

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