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beach faves.

Can’t really add to this. And besides, if I did I’d be sad. So I won’t. The end. Oh look…I was there! Holla! Share on Facebook

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ten on tuesday.

1. Potty training? Ugh. So over it. I think the writer of yesterday’s post might have forgotten what a roller coaster ride this whole thing is. 2. Three days ago we fulfilled our annual Palm Sunday tradition and baked a batch of the best sugar cookies while listening to Jesus Christ Superstar. “Trial Before Pilate” has...

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big boy.

In a move that will surely go down in my parenting book as one of the most selfless, sacrificial days in the history of my mothering I kept Ephraim home from preschool this morning to work on day 3 of the Great Potty Training Escapade. I know, I know, I gave up four hours of...

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  “This is the funny thing about growing up — for years and years everybody’s desperately afraid to be different in any way. And then suddenly, almost overnight, everybody wants to be different. And that…is where we win.”  - Mitchell, Modern Family  You know how it is when you first have a boyfriend and you can’t stop...

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you got it!

My oldest, mother-hen little child. My one I can always count on (okay, most of the time) to be kind and gentle. My veggie-loving girl who turns the TV off when she thinks she’s had “too much”, was staring down that candy-stuff pinata like she was defending her honor. Or worse, (for the pinata) her...

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