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sarah lorraine.

Taking my kiddos out for their own dedicated photo shoot is a less than once a year event. Neither of them have had their “official” birthday sessions and, yes, I realize they are both fall babies. Having Amy here gave me just the kickstart I needed to grab Sarah and my camera and head out...

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photoshoot fun.

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Been sitting at this screen staring out the blinking cursor for well over twenty minutes. The thing is, nothing I can say can add to that shot. Or that child. The child who is so very into helping herself to shredded carrots (or spinach!) and spending a little quiet time learning about the presidents. I mean, I just...

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do you see who I see?

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Before you even ask. The answer is Ponds cold cream. And lots of it.  Yes, G.G. turned 90 this week. Yes, she has the skin of a woman in her (maybe) 60′s. And yes, the above image had ZERO skin retouching. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some stock to purchase before the shares skyrocket… Share...

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