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let’s get real

Come on, you didn’t think these girls were always buddies, did you? I mean they are girls after all. And what girl doesn’t enjoy a little catfight now and then? Even if it’s with your best friend? I figure this is just good training for middle school. Have you seen middle school girls these days?...

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i want to remember.

Just a few Boston memories I don’t want to forget. The girls piercing each other’s ears…    with tinker toys… Introducing Sarah to fondue… (and yes, clothing is still optional according to these two.) Seeing the girls sitting in their strollers waiting to board the train into the city…and thinking of the days when seeing...

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hello old friend.

My favorite moments to photograph between Sarah and Caroline are always the ones when they first spot each other. When you’re four years old being away from your BFF for six months is an eternity. It’s an eighth of their lives, after all. The reunion is always sweet. And very much worth photographing. Once the reunion...

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somewhere in boston.

Somewhere in Boston two little girls are twirling and singing and princessing. Somewhere in Boston two little girls are snacking for the umpteenth time today. Somewhere in Boston two little girls are trying to keep meltdowns at bay after a night of tossing and turning and insisting on sleeping together. Somewhere in Boston two middle-aged...

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In typical Cobb fashion we’re on the go again. This time scattered to the four winds – or at least over three states. B-Ro will spend this week having the time of his life at Grama’s house, Sarah and I are best friend-ing it up in Boston and after spending last week in Utah on...

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