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There is only one reason I’m posting this photograph. It’s not to show off the pretty multi-colored scarf my mom knitted me last Christmas (with a matching one for Sarah!). It’s not to celebrate the Iron Bowl. We didn’t win after all. And it’s not so I can be reminded to take that orange sweater...

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If you live outside of our great state you may not realize that yesterday was the Iron Bowl. The Auburn/Alabama game. The day when neighbor turns against neighbor and friends become bitter rivals. Or clueless, juice-sipping, face-painted buddies. These two got really got into the spirit although there’s still some question about Betsy’s loyalty. She...

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Fifteen months ago I had nine month old and an empty rental house next door whose carport served as the perfect place for Sarah to master her tricycle. I kept careful watch over that house, noticing if anyone would linger, showing interest. After all these would be my neighbors for at least a year so...

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dress-up box, discovered.

I’m sorry son. It has to be done… I mean, you have to have something to complain to your therapist about regarding your mother. And heaven knows I haven’t given you anything else to dish out. Share on Facebook

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variations on a theme.

Since the pre-ballet grumpies were documented last week I figured it would only be fair to publish the flip side as well. How’s that for a dancers get-up? Share on Facebook

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