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I know I’ve been flying under the radar here lately and I’m sorry! I have SO many pictures to share from the last month, it’s insane. Finding time to do it is another thing entirely. And I haven’t given up on the photo-a-day either although I realize all evidence points to the contrary. For now...

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the little gym party.

Baby girl, I haven’t noticed your dimples this much since the day you were born. Four years ago today. Happy Birthday big girl. I love you. Share on Facebook

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As a Keith family descendant I come from a long line of pre-partiers. We’re known for getting the party started days in advance and sometimes enjoying ourselves so much that come actual party time, we’re spent. I’m proud to say that I think Sarah got the gene. Her party wasn’t until Saturday evening which meant...

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My daughter Sarah is four and my son Ephraim is two… Just checking to see if I’m ready to say those things yet. I’m not. Good thing I still have a few weeks before the two-ness is a reality. Unfortunately the fourness already is. Sarah is officially four. Well, not technically officially four (until October 28th)...

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i love.

As I got in my car Saturday evening to drive home from a session I saw a text from Brent: can’t find the stuffed peppers recipe. I called him to report that there wasn’t actually a recipe but that he could start cooking some rice and I would mix the rest up when I got home....

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