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plugged in

Well, we’re on the road. Eight hours in actually. Three hours left tonight and we’ll call it a night. Sarah is munching on rock candy, cleaning her hands with a wet wipe (always), chattering intermittently. Ephraim is gnawing his rock candy stick, zoning out to Cars, fighting sleep. Brent is driving, scanning for backwoods AM...

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ten on tuesday.

1. Overheard this week during one of Sarah’s many phone conversations with her “friends”:  Well, I’m gonna go call my in-laws. Gotta go. Gotta call my in-laws…are you my in-laws? 2. I have  two d0zen infant-sized cloth diaper prefolds and 6 infant-sized covers (fit up to 16 lbs) that I’d love to gift to someone. We...

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I did it. I bought it. I love it. Literally, the *first* few shots I took. I still have much work to do before we’re fast friends but we’re well on our way, that’s for sure. 135mm/2.0 still for sale! Email me for details! Share on Facebook

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a whole new world.

We’ve entered a new era with our Pi’bears. Make believe is officially here. Of course she’s been playing pretend for quite some time now but this thing, this is different. This is leave me alone with this piece of packaging material so I can rip it to shreds and spend hours pretending I’ve made fruit...

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Before I get started on today’s post, the winner of the giveaway according to is comment #39 – Mollie. “I would also love to try these products. I caught my two year old with a (not so friendly) bottle of cleaner just the other day.” Email me Mollie and I’ll put you in touch...

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