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Hello Monday.

I can totally face a new week on the heels of this… Share on Facebook

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I’m not sure at what age it stops getting better but I know I’m not there yet. Life is sweet. Share on Facebook

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Dayton souvenirs

I’m afraid my love affair with Dayon has recently come to a screeching hault thanks entirely to the parting gifts the city bestowed upon our sweet B-Ro. Namely viral stomatitis and scabies. After spending the last 48 hours listening to his near constant screaming and crying  we were finally convinced that this wasn’t actually teething...

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and the winners are…

(#62) Laura: “chocolate and salt and crunch all together? Sounds like Nirvana! I am so glad google reader finally allowed me to add your blog so I won’t miss out on your fun photos and stories!” (#78) Cindy: “yum, yum!!! sounds too good to pass up!! hope you had a wonderful trip!” Hey girls, email...

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ode to Dayton: giveaway!

Two of my favorite things about Dayton: 1) Mike Sells Potato Chips 2) Esther Price Chocolate In a stroke of genius the makers of the two collaborated to offer: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. And believe you me they are DEE-VINE. Because in addition to loving Dayton I also love you guys I’m going to pick...

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