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neighbors rock.

Particularly the across the street kind that set up a miniature version of Six Flags and then insist that you bring your brood over to play on it anytime, day or night. We’re also fans of the next door kind that babysit our children at the drop of a hat and bring banana bread, sweet...

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After yesterday’s post I figured a healthy dose of reality would be good for the soul. (yours and mine)   Welcome to our (real) life. Share on Facebook

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ten on tuesday: home edition

I love home. A house is one thing but a home is something completely different. Growing up our family moved all over the world but each place we lived felt like home to me. The moment the boxes arrived my mom and dad set to work rebuilding our sense of home and comfort. And it...

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planting season

For the record, we have no idea what we’re doing. But we’re planting a garden. We cleared out two raised beds in our backyard and Brent filled them with topsoil and compost. This weekend we headed to the local feed store to stock up on little plastic pockets of delicious green possiblity. Basil, cilantro, cucumbers,...

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PIZZA! (said the lady with the alligator purse)

(channeling board books again, my apologies) Yesterday afternoon we had some friends over for one of my favorite kiddo activities – make your own pizzas! It’s such a fun, easy activity for three year olds and is the perfect afternoon get-together since dinner is out of the way once the playdate is over. Can’t get better than that!...

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