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ten on tuesday.

1. Sarah and I were having a discussion about all of the Ms. Amy’s we know – Caden’s mommy, Hayden’s mommy, Shelby’s mommy, Ms. Amy our music teacher, Ms. Amy our preschool aide…and on and on. At the end of our list Sarah announced, “I can’t handle all of them!”.  I think what she meant...

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spring days.

It seems Spring is in full swing. If there’s one thing about beautiful Colorado I don’t miss it’s the snow in March…and April…and May. I’m very happy to get my seasons kicked off nice and on time. That’s how we do it down South folks, yesiree. And there’s no better way to usher in Spring than...

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friday afternoon funny.

This just makes me laugh. Share on Facebook

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that thing you do.

Post-nap yesterday I decided to let B-Ro snuggle up with his sister for a few minutes of PBS. Always one for sitting on a couch he was very much about this idea. I headed on my merry way hoping to catch a few more minutes of mama time before the busy afternoon/evening began. When I walked...

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just the boy.

Spent the morning hanging out with my boy while Sarah was in preschool. We did a little of this… And a little of that…  Oh yeah, and some of this… You didn’t see that coming, did you?! After 16 long months B-Ro is finally walking, two months shy of my prediction. He would still be...

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