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Blog Vay-Cay.

Headed out of town…see you in February! Share on Facebook

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don’t miss it.

Oprah’s offering free downloads of Will.I.Am and David Foster’s new song, America,  for the next several hours (until tomorrow night at 10). It’s great. Brent walked into the kitchen while Sarah and I were making dinner and asked if we were trying to set a record for the most repeats of the song. We weren’t....

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Ten on Tuesday.

Okay, well maybe not. I logged on with high hopes of a TonT post but I think I’ve lost my mojo. I have a case of the grumps that I can’t seem to shake. Instead the day seems to be sliding further down that slippery slope. Ugh. I hate being grumpy. There are a few...

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Your Questions, Answered – v3.0

Before you dive into this epic blog post (6385 words according to wordpress word count…love that feature!) realize a few things: 1) I worked on it over a period of two weeks so it’s kind of all over the place.  2) I didn’t proofread it. It was too long. I know that makes some of you...

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b-ro’s new buddy.

B-Ro’s like Brad Pitt. He’s an easy man to love but it’s hard to work your way in to his inner circle. Up until recently his inner circle has included (in this order): Mama, Dada, Rarah. That’s it. All others must stay safely at a distance. He may toss you a smile now and then but don’t...

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