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happy new year!

When so many of you commented what a great blogging streak I was on earlier this month what you didn’t realize was I was just gearing up for a lame-o stretch through the end of 2009. Sorry for the unblogginess. I have much to share from our Christmas celebrations but we’re headed out again today...

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Christmas came to our house. And it’s still coming! I’ll be back when the dust (and the sugar) settles. Share on Facebook

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merry monday.

Hope your holiday is all it’s cracked up to be. We’re headed out for a little Christmasing at Brent’s parent’s house this week. Will be back on Christmas Eve. Happy week! Share on Facebook

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Mary did you know?

Who knew Mary and Joseph were such an unruly lot? I guess it figures. Turns out their son was a bit of a rebel. Share on Facebook

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’tis the season…

For snooping around the tree.. And trying to look innocent when you’ve been caught. For loading into the car… and squealing in anticipation of all the lights – colored, white, pretty, and gaudy – that we’re headed out to see. For stopping at Starbucks… and breaking bread (or cookie) with your Daddy. ‘Tis the season...

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