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on the road.

Our family will join millions of other Americans this weekend on the highway as we head to my mom’s house in Nashville for a Thanksgiving celebration. Sarah has been there for a couple of days already since she left with my mom on Sunday. Yesterday Brent called her on the phone to see how she...

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don’t cry for the B-Ro.

I think my little post yesterday might have given some of you the notion that B-Ro went without any birthday hoopla. No way! His birthday was Thursday but we spent the entire weekend celebrating our little man. Saturday was his big birthday bash and then Sunday was his baptism. It was such a special weekend...

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love, less ordinary.

Ephraim’s birthday was last Thursday. It passed much the same way his first year did – in a cloud of errands and laundry and snacks and meals and life. I felt the sameness of the day like a heavy weight on my heart as I remembered Sarah’s first birthday. It was on a Saturday and...

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behind where it counts.

With the bulk of my holiday business busy-ness behind me I’m finally getting back into the swing of documenting my own family. I know the blog has been a bit stale and I apologize to the loyal readers! I’m now finding myself with tons of pictures to post so I’m starting to play catch-up today!...

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from there to here.

One year old. And still very, very much adored. Share on Facebook

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