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oh lordy.

While on our run yesterday afternoon a menacing-looking motorcycle dude zoomed past us, to Sarah’s glee. She shouted out, “HEY MOM! HE HAS A MOTORCYCLE JUST LIKE MY GRAMA AND GRANDAD DO!!!”. And I’ll admit it might take me a while to digest that fact. But as I say to my mom everytime she mentions...

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10/28/05, 7:17 a.m.

It’s no small thing watching your child grow before your eyes. Today the one who made me a mama turned three. Share on Facebook

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the royal teaparty.

I realized when I was preparing images for this post that I never posted a shot of Sarah’s birthday invite. I accidentally deleted the actual invitation from my hard drive but here’s the image I used on the front… The tagline said, “Nobody likes a pouty princess…So don’t even think about missing my party!” Anyway,...

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party day.

It was wonderful. I’ll have all the delicious details tomorrow! Share on Facebook

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this, I want to remember.

A quiet house. Just you and me. You in your Cars jammies, me getting ready to tuck you in. Snuggling in your rocking chair reading “Skidamarink”. Gently tickling your cheeks and forehead and nose as you lie still in my arms, smiling. 11 months old…and just as precious as the day you were born. Share...

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