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The following shall be entered into the official record as proof that a) my kids aren’t always happy, and b) I don’t always take great photos. Ahhh…the joys of real life. Share on Facebook

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in memory.

His name was Christian. His grandfather was a spiritual mentor of mine, his mother an acquaintance. We were both pregnant with our first children and would often grin and admire each other’s bellies in passing. In October Sarah was born and he was expected three months later. Thanksgiving came. Christmas. And then, a handful of...

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If ever there was a photo that captured her entire essence, this would be it. Our squinty-eyed, squealing, candy-eating {Princess Pigbear} will soon be turning three. And today we officially started preparing. Share on Facebook

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to the bookclub!

(sorry, just channeling Superwhy with my title) It’s approaching two weeks since I landed in Charlottesville for our Book Club reunion ’08 so I guess it’s time I memorialized our little trip. Taking the above posted pictures was the only thing I did all weekend that had anything to do with books. Well, that’s not...

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2:10 Sarah had a playdate at our house today with an old friend and a new friend. She’s been looking forward to it for a week and reveled in all the girliness for the two hours they were here. The popsicles were a big hit although my announcement that there were “popsicles…with ice cream inside!”...

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