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snugglepuppy: a series.

For a while there B-Ro was nicknameless. We considered many options but nothing stuck until “B-Ro” came to town. (that’s “bee-row” for those who have asked.) There was quite a period of time when we thought “snugglepuppy” was going to reign. The name didn’t stick but the sentiment certainly did. Those boys love them some...

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Ten on Tuesday.

Has it been a while? I think it’s been a while. Let the randomness begin. 1. For the first time in our 7+ year bff-hood Samantha has forged ahead of me in a technological area: Facebook. I tried to resist her pleadings and her “it’s so cool”s for like 30 minutes but then I gave...

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joy: a definition.

feeling baby fingers grasping your hands. munching on crackers in the grass. discovering new places to explore, navigate, conquer. looking up and seeing your Daddy. sharing secrets with your brother. being tickled by grass blades…and mommy’s foot. learning to balance. playing chase in an open field. enjoying life with a new perspective. making your brother...

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file this under "duh."

As my talented sister pointed out in the comments section of Thursday’s post, it would have been a perfect opportunity to link you to her etsy shop. Duh! So here you go: Meghan’s Way Hip Etsy Shop. Everything she makes is amazing and light years beyond me style-wise. She’s sold around 100 things on Etsy...

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sweet dreaming.

One day, all too soon, you’ll be lying in your big boy bed, willing your eyes to stay open, fighting sleep like all toddlers do. You’ll ask me, “mama, tell me a story about when I was a baby” and I, never able to resist telling my babies about my babies, will oblige. I’ll snuggle...

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