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more fam stuff

Last Wednesday my Aunt Lori coerced my entire family into packing up and heading out for a day in Monterey. Of course this wasn’t a big deal for my family and Meghan’s but getting my Grama and Grandpa out of the house and on a day trip is pretty impressive. Our first stop was the...

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Keith, party of…15?

The reason we head out to Cali every year or so is because my Mom’s family is from and still lives there. After my sister got her degree in fashion design she knew she’d have to move closer to a design hotbed. Alabama is many great and wonderful things but design mecca certainly is not....

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ladies and Dave, meet Jennifer.

Okay, so Dave already knows Jennifer but since the rest of you male readers refuse to come out of the woodwork I had to leave off “gentlemen”. I know who you are…your wives give you away. I may just have to start naming names.HA! So I know we have lots of Jennifers that comment (and...

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laying low

Please excuse the lack of a Mama Monday today. I’m afraid I’m all mama’d out after our week of travel! Why is it that everytime we load these hooligans up I think we’re headed on a vacation? Next time I use the V word will someone please give me a cyberslap and then remind me...

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seems I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Ah, the water-witching wart doctor arrives home safely.I have so much to share and tell about but someone made a mess of this sweet little blog that I first have to clean up. Since this seems to have become a forum for spreading malicious half-truths I’ll dispell those myths with a Snopes-style rating system. If...

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