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you think?

Sometimes Ephraim’s name is the elephant in the room. When we’re out and about people will inevitably ask what his name is and after I tell them there’s a typically a confused silence. And a look that says, “you named him WHAT?” Followed by a myriad of responses including: Is that a family name? (the...

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From the time we were knee high my sister has been an amazing artist. I would beg her to give me “drawing lessons” and she would occasionally oblige. They would inevitably end with me in tears over not being able to make things look as beautiful as she could. My people looked disproportioned and “drawn”...

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of note.

Three fun things to share with you guys today. (none of which are pics, sorry!) 1. I was driving down the road yesterday and saw a billboard for Wow. It’s AWESOME! Tons of great info about U-picks, and farmers markets and local farms. I’m super excited to explore some of the local places. If...

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class clown.

Apparently we have a funny guy on our hands. Ephraim’s highchair has become a mini-stage where he performs for a captive audience of one everyday around noon. Sarah is endlessly entertained by his antics which apparently only fuels his creative fire. His typical routine includes a variety of chair humor. Trying to launch himself sideways...

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ten on tuesday: half and half edition

Half pictures-half random stuff. Here we go. 1. If you don’t already follow Life in Motion you should. She’s another fun, friendly, fabulous photographer mom with young’uns. And she likes to share. (and who doesn’t love a girl who likes to share?!) Just the other day she shared a neat action for creating rounded corners...

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