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that’s so Pi’bears

(had a great time in Nashville…thanks for all the fun ideas! I’ll fill you all in on our day later) Sarah has been especially spunky lately and there are lots of things I’ve been jotting down here and there, saving them for a memory-keeping post. So here we go. 1. Before our Memorial Day Beach...

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Hey Nashvillians! Got ideas?

First off, thanks for all your fun comments yesterday. RWR is gonna be my new favorite thing, I can already tell! Guess WHAT?! Brent told me this morning that we’re headed to Nashville tonight to 1) spend the night with my mom and stepdad 2) hang out in the city tomorrow…WITHOUT KIDS 3) See Jesus...

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Readers Who Rock.

If you guys only knew how much time I spend racking my brain trying to figure out how to make you all feel as good about yourselves as you make me feel about myself (whoa, I think I’m lost in that sentence, are you?) you might be a little concerned. I know I’ve said it...

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who knew the Q and A would breed?

Certainly not me. Apparently the questions and the answers got a little rowdy while I was away and when I came back…POOF…more questions were born! I’ll do my best to get to all of them in the next week or so. After my mini blogging marathon Monday night I’m just not sure I can face...

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here we go!

1. Do you calibrate your monitor???? If so, what do you use? Um, sort of. I’ve actually never calibrated my desktop monitor with a calibration device because my prints come out EXACTLY how they look on my screen. Not sure how that happened without calibrating but I love it and I’m afraid to mess with...

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