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confessions of a sometimes frazzled mama

I got the sweetest email this morning from a dear friend that really lifted my spirits. She said such kind things about me and my life and it just made my heart sing. It also reminded me of something I’ve said often to Brent; that I wake up many mornings hoping to be the mama/person/photographer...

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Amazing how one little focus adjustment can tell two different stories. Her perspective and his. I like to think of this as a little photographic nod to Judy Blume’s classic The Pain and the Great One (a story that I’m fairly certain will be our future in about 6 years). Share on Facebook

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playing catch up

Believe it or not I actually have been taking lots of pictures. Posting them has been a different story though. I plan to update the potd in the next 24 hours…and you know how good my track record is on blog timeline promises. Until then, check out a few fun photos of that Pi’bears and...

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Three days late but who’s counting right? Speaking of counting…check out these stats… 48 total gifts in these increments -$5.00 (6)$10.00 (14)$15.00 (2)$20.00 (14)$25.00 (6)$30.00 (3)$35.00 (1)$40.00 (1)$50.00 (2)$100.00 (2)$250.00 (1) and even these fun increments -$10.18$22.00$14.00 (from the person who tried to squeeze the full $100 out of us! HA HA!) All totaling $1342.39...

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when will I ever learn?

Never, never, never make promises on the blog as to when I will be posting pictures, info, or other blogworthy items. Today was to be the last day for the pigbear’s big give and I promised a fun little breakdown post. Instead I’m miserable on the couch with a host of nasty symptoms that all...

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